What's new in WorkZone Configurator 2021.1

Hidden custom properties in the WorkZone Client user interface

You can now make custom properties invisible and unsearchable in the WorkZone Client user interface (disregarding their start and end dates). This can be used, for example, for storing data that is not relevant to the WorkZone Client user interface. See Create a custom field.

Expiration date for global or departmental access

You can now define the expiration date for a global or departmental access granted to a user, to automatically revoke granted access at specified time and date. See Global and departmental access.

Security group rights

You can now configure security rights (that is, enable or disable user permissions to create, read, update, and delete entities and their information) for each security group (assigned security codes from 1-10). See Security group rights.

OAuth2 client mapping

When creating an OAuth2 client, you can now select a username to map to this client (this step is required, if Grant type is CLNTCRED, Client credentials). See OAuth2 settings.

Performance optimization