WorkZone Cloud Edition 2021.1

WorkZone Cloud Edition is a next-generation way of delivering WorkZone and operating the WorkZone platform. For more information about WorkZone functionality, see WorkZone capabilities and WorkZone documentation.

With this guide, you can get an overview of WorkZone Cloud Edition and its key characteristics, such as:

  • WorkZone services available in the Cloud
  • KMD technology, Cloud partners and providers
  • Data center location and security
  • Compliance with EU legislation and regulations
  • Applicable service level agreements
  • Support and guidance on how to migrate from an on-premises WorkZone implementation to a cloud-based WorkZone solution

Whether you are new to WorkZone or already use WorkZone in an on-premises installation, the information in this guide will provide you with an initial understanding of WorkZone Cloud Edition and the potential of employing WorkZone Cloud Edition in your organization.

If you want to learn more, please contact Leif Ilsø, Area Director, Sales Cloud Business Solutions ( for more details.

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