A typical WorkZone implementation consists of a database server, a web server, and a number of client machines.

The diagram below shows the WorkZone infrastructure by web and agent roles.

The Web server

The web server runs web services and other web elements used by WorkZone. Services restarted on the Web server will impact users and cause running applications to close, requiring restart in order to resume ordinary operations.

The Agent server

The agent server runs background services such as mail agents and messaging services. Services restarted on the Agent server will normally not impact users directly and will not normally cause applications to close. Instead, restarted services will be queued and started/restarted according to internal WorkZone procedures. Additionally, restart procedures with regards to interoperability and dependencies between services are managed by WorkZone.

Firewall directions and network ports

The arrows in the diagram illustrate the firewall direction and the ports indicated must be opened for traffic in order for WorkZone to operate correctly.